Cute Little Girl Cuddles With Pony

Ontario to Offer Free College Tuition for Low Income Families

Challenger Shuttle Engineer Has Guilt Eased By Letters


Cutest Siblings! Kindness Starts at Home


Polite Deer

Patient Dog Really is a Patient for Little Girl



Just Because It’s Cute – Baby Elephant Swinging Trunk

Cute elephant shaking trunk


Millionaire Harris Rosen Adopts neighborhood and gives them college scholarships


kindness quote

Kind Barista Learns ASL to Better Serve a Hearing Impaired Customer

Starbucks Barista Learns Sign Language to Help Customer

Kind Woman Gives Homeless Man a Free Haircut
Kind Woman Offers Homeless Man Free Haircut

 Brave Souls Help Rescue Trapped Baby Bears

Happy National Act of Kindness Day – Share With Those That Care!

For The Love of Dog – Long But Worth It!

Balls left for dogs to play with in memoriam of dog that passed away


Jason Brown, Ex-NFL player, gave up multi million dollar career to become a farmer.