Value Teachers! What a Wonderful Role Model

Teacher starts Gentlemen's Club for Boys without fathers


Equality Ad

Acceptance Ad


Be Nice


Kind Kayakers Help Sea Turtle Trapped in Line


Restauranteur Provides Outdoor Fridge for Homeless

Congrats Kroger – Because It’s the Right Thing to Do!

Kroger Offers Unisex Bathrooms

One World!

Musician Using His Celebrity Status to Help Others

Akon Helping to Light Africa

Man Carrying Daughter While Selling Pens Sees Kindness From Strangers

Lebanon Man Selling Pens on the Street Helped By Strangers Fundraiser

Autistic Girl Has Therapy Cat That Does Everything With Her

Auto Body Shop Goes Above and Beyond
Good service Kamloops

Elderly Homeless Woman Taken in By Strangers

Elderly Homeless Woman Taken in By Strangers


Handsome blind puppy