Recognizing Kindness

JK Rowlings lost Billionaire status by donating to charity

touching tuition payment story




Spreading Kindness This Holiday Season

Great Initiative to Share Kindness this Season


USPS Mailman Saves all Packages While Truck is Burning

Mail man saves mail from burning vehicle

Celebrities Using Their Fame for Good

The Rock visits sick children

Happiness and Confidence

Guy Gets 100 Strangers to Dance with Him Around the World


Dog Mistakes Parade for Pope as A Parade in His HonourDog thinks Pope's parade is for him


A Mother’s Love

Mother Dog Rescues Puppies From Fire and Brings to Safe Fire Truck

dog rescues puppies during fire

Silent Heroes

Ohio State University shooting hero


rescue goat suffering anxiety needs her duck costume to relax

Helping Hands

117 Degree Weather Was Burning His Paws

military man carrying dog

Keeping Kittens Dry in the Rain

chicken keeps kittens warm

Taking a Friend

man drives motorcycle with dog dressed in people clothes