Look for the Helpers



Animals Showing Kindness

Dog risks life to save kitten in house fire

horse shares feed with pigeons

kindness quote with leaf heart

Helping Hands

117 Degree Weather Was Burning His Paws

military man carrying dog

Keeping Kittens Dry in the Rain

chicken keeps kittens warm

Taking a Friend

man drives motorcycle with dog dressed in people clothes

Animal Friends and Human Friends to Animals




Dolphin and Cat Love

Drive Thru Staff Pray with Customer Who Just Lost Husband


Man Sends Class to College Instead of Buying a Yacht


Everyone Needs Comfort Some Times

Kitten and Dog Friends Through Hard Times

I Hope This Catches On

The Buddy Bench

Save a Life and Feel Rewarded

Swedish blood donors get text messages when their blood saves a life

Cat Takes Her Kittens to Visit Her Friend


Irish Bus Driver Stops Bus to Help Elderly Woman Tie Her Shoelace

Bus driver in Ireland helps elderly woman with her shoelaces

Ellen award for kindness quote