In Memoriam of Martin Luther King Jr.





Little Girl Saved by Dog from Rattlesnake

Faithful dog takes rattlesnake bite defending little girl

Man Teaches Homeless Woman to Read

dog love quote

Fireman Save Dog Trapped in Broken Ice

Responsible lunch thief

Kindness quote by Mark Twain

Orphaned Kangaroo Seeks Help, Bonds with Teddy Bear

orphaned kangaroo seeks help, accepts teddy bear as his friend

Growing flowers in fired bombs

kindness quote

Great Story About Saving 100 Horses Lives

Women in the Netherlands Save 100 Horses


Kareem Abdul Jabbar Helping Former Coach John Wooden to His Seat

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Coach John Wooden

live beneath your means and be kind quote

Crows Reward Girl Who Feeds Them for Years

Girl that feeds crows for years bring her gifts

None Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus quote


10 steps to happiness

Syrian beggar who held sleeping child while asking for money gets job helping others


Friends No Matter the Size

Horse and Donkey are friends despite size difference

10 Ways to be happy