Don’t Settle

Equal Rights quote, it's not pie

We have two fates, don't settle

Istanbul Shop Owners Cover Homeless Dogs During Cold Snap

Istanbul blankets homeless dogs in light of recent cold spell


Orlando City Soccer unveils 49 Rainbow-coloured seats at new stadium honouring victims of Pulse nightclub shooting.

Orlando city soccer unveils 49 Rainbow-colored seats at its new stadium to honour the victims of the June shooting at pulse nightclub.

Japanese schools teach manners and character before exams

Animal Friends and Human Friends to Animals




In Support of Orlando





Muslim Woman Handing Out Free Food and Drinks to Those Waiting to Donate Blood



Stranger Saves a Woman’s Dog from Drowning

A stranger saves a woman's dog from drowning

Plumbers spend weekend installing water filters for free in Flint

It Takes Nothing to Be Kind

Wedding Guy responds to same sex proposition with class