In Memoriam of Martin Luther King Jr.





We Need More People to Act This Selflessly

On plane a man walks baby and comforts child to help single pregnant mom.

Professor holds students baby while teaching

peace on earth

Dream Big!

John Boyega of the 2015 Star Wars Movie

John Boyega, Stars Wars, Dreams

War Makes for Interesting Friends

World War 2 Bear

Everyone Needs Comfort Some Times

Kitten and Dog Friends Through Hard Times

I Hope This Catches On

The Buddy Bench

Save a Life and Feel Rewarded

Swedish blood donors get text messages when their blood saves a life

If Only Humans Were as Kind as Animals

Everyone Deserves Joy

Cancer Survivor Sisters Donate Hairdressing
Services to Cancer Victims

Fireman Save Dog Trapped in Broken Ice

Responsible lunch thief

Kindness quote by Mark Twain

Great Story About Saving 100 Horses Lives

Women in the Netherlands Save 100 Horses


Kareem Abdul Jabbar Helping Former Coach John Wooden to His Seat

Kareem Abdul Jabbar and Coach John Wooden

live beneath your means and be kind quote

Christians and Muslims Protecting Each Other’s Rights

muslims and christians protecting each others rights


small acts of kindness quote


Bravery Regardless Your Gender or Orientation

Text screenshot of person acknowledging bravery for asking person on a date