Times of Change Bring Out Who You Really Are





Look for the Helpers



Community Shelter Gets All Dogs Adopted Before Years End

community shelter gets all dogs adopted for new year!

Little Boy Cuddles Puppies To Keep Them Warm

little boy cuddling puppies in laundry basket

Passing Elephants Reach Out

elephants reaching out

cancer free

Store Sells Produce By Readiness Date

store offers bananas with readiness dates

Elderly Homeless Woman Taken in By Strangers

Elderly Homeless Woman Taken in By Strangers


Handsome blind puppy


What Did Humans Do To Deserve Dogs

Dog walks 20 blocks to see owner in hospital

Sikh and Muslim Friends Help Each Other

Cat Takes Her Kittens to Visit Her Friend


Irish Bus Driver Stops Bus to Help Elderly Woman Tie Her Shoelace

Bus driver in Ireland helps elderly woman with her shoelaces

Ellen award for kindness quote

Monkey Treats Puppy As His Own – Protects and Feeds Him

monkey treats puppy as his own child

Wise Words From a TV ShowWise words from a tv show

Be kind to yourself instructions.