Even Sea Life Appreciate a Good Lounger


Prisoners and Homeless Dogs Helping Each Other Through Compassion

Humble and kind quote

Look for the Helpers!

Kind Souls Save Animals Trapped in a Flood


Canadian Business Hiring Syrian Refugees

Swan Shows Affection to Man Who Saved Him

I Hope This Catches On Around the World


Kind Humans Risking Their Lives to Save Animals

He Was Walking Past A Half-Frozen Lake, When He Saw Something That Made Him Plunge Right In…


Kindness quote

Make the World a Kinder Place

Hippo and Tortoise Youngsters Form Bond After Surviving Tsunami

Hippo and turtle become best friends after Tsunami

Free drycleaning for unemployed for job interview


man shields woman in wheelchair from rain

Cute Kindness Between Kitten and Chick


Kindness quote

Two Blind Dogs Meeting For the First Time

Blind dogs meeting

Smart Children

Fight for What's right, Abraham Lincoln, child's drawing

Kind Employer Closes After Lose of Employee

Employers closed in memory of employee