Boy Buries Pet Hamster, Builds Cross, Dresses Himself for Service – True Love

in memoriam, little boy buries pet hamster, builds cross, and dresses up to hold service

Church, Canada, we are all human

baby bird hoping a ride on mom


Nepal Festival Thanking Dogs for Their Loyalty

Nepal festival thanking dogs for loyalty

Canadian Children Showcase the Art of Kindness


All Cities Should Have This

Animal Friends and Human Friends to Animals




Look for the Helpers!

Kind Souls Save Animals Trapped in a Flood


Canadian Business Hiring Syrian Refugees

No Need for War to Get Your Point Across

land dispute between Denmark and Canada handled comically

Syrian Refugee Gives Back by Offering Food to Germany’s Homeless

Syrian Refugee gives back to German homeless

Dog and orphaned squirrel are friends

In Honour of Remembrance and Veteran’s Day

Lest We Forget! 




Help Raise Funds for Fort Hood’s ‘Hug Lady’ Who Welcomed Military Home Since 2003