Happiness and Confidence

Guy Gets 100 Strangers to Dance with Him Around the World


Dog Mistakes Parade for Pope as A Parade in His HonourDog thinks Pope's parade is for him



Helping Hands

117 Degree Weather Was Burning His Paws

military man carrying dog

Keeping Kittens Dry in the Rain

chicken keeps kittens warm

Taking a Friend

man drives motorcycle with dog dressed in people clothes

Simple People Making Huge Impacts

Irena Sendler, World War 2, Warsaw Poland, plumber, saving lives


pizza party held for neighborhood by 95 year old

Word to Live By

Words to live by

dog kissing fish

Japanese schools have students clean

Little Girl Saved by Dog from Rattlesnake

Faithful dog takes rattlesnake bite defending little girl

Man Teaches Homeless Woman to Read

dog love quote

Orangutan Saves Baby Bird From Drowning

Reverse advent calendar for homeless

Everyone Needs Comfort Some Times

Kitten and Dog Friends Through Hard Times

I Hope This Catches On

The Buddy Bench

Save a Life and Feel Rewarded

Swedish blood donors get text messages when their blood saves a life

Children Practice Reading and Comfort Shelter Dogs

Children practice reading in front of shelter dogs

Dog feeding lamb


A&W Honours Lost Employee

Stranger Saves a Woman’s Dog from Drowning

A stranger saves a woman's dog from drowning

Plumbers spend weekend installing water filters for free in Flint

It Takes Nothing to Be Kind

Wedding Guy responds to same sex proposition with class