A Mare Loses Her Foal, Then Meets a Foal Who Lost Her Mother

Mare, foal, loss, motherhood

Jadav Payeng, India, planting trees, 1979, 1300 acres

Istanbul, vending machines, dispenses water and food, stray dogs, recycling bottles

Even Sea Life Appreciate a Good Lounger


Prisoners and Homeless Dogs Helping Each Other Through Compassion

Humble and kind quote

If Only Humans Were as Kind as Animals

Everyone Deserves Joy

Cancer Survivor Sisters Donate Hairdressing
Services to Cancer Victims

Children Practice Reading and Comfort Shelter Dogs

Children practice reading in front of shelter dogs

Dog feeding lamb


A&W Honours Lost Employee

Monkey Treats Puppy As His Own – Protects and Feeds Him

monkey treats puppy as his own child

Wise Words From a TV ShowWise words from a tv show

Be kind to yourself instructions.

I Wish All Cities Had Shop Owners Like This

Coffee Shop owner lets stray dogs sleep inside at night

Irena Saves 2500 children during World War 2

Why did God create atheists?

Female Cats Co-Parent Their Two Litters of Kittens

Two cat moms co-parenting their babies

puppy sharin peanut butter with stuffed puppy

Is it Kind quote

Spreading the Love

Dog hugs all other dogs

Millionaire donates daycare and college scholarships to town

happy dog adopted enjoys christmas