A Mare Loses Her Foal, Then Meets a Foal Who Lost Her Mother

Mare, foal, loss, motherhood

Jadav Payeng, India, planting trees, 1979, 1300 acres

Istanbul, vending machines, dispenses water and food, stray dogs, recycling bottles

Community Shelter Gets All Dogs Adopted Before Years End

community shelter gets all dogs adopted for new year!

Little Boy Cuddles Puppies To Keep Them Warm

little boy cuddling puppies in laundry basket

Passing Elephants Reach Out

elephants reaching out

cancer free

Store Sells Produce By Readiness Date

store offers bananas with readiness dates


elephants hugging

Doing a Kind Deed Out of the Goodness of Your Heart

Act of kindness, helping neighbors shovel snow


Chris Rock inspirational quote

Motorcyclist Asking for Forgiveness After The Noise of His Machine Scares the Elephants





Unlikely Friends – a Bear and a Wolf