Recognizing Kindness

JK Rowlings lost Billionaire status by donating to charity

touching tuition payment story




Nepal Festival Thanking Dogs for Their Loyalty

Nepal festival thanking dogs for loyalty

Canadian Children Showcase the Art of Kindness


All Cities Should Have This


Dogs can be different and be friends.


Man saves fox, gains friend


Military Men Taught To Do Daughters Hair – Creates Bond After Absence at War

Military Men Given Lessons on how to do their daughters hair to bond

Animal Friends and Human Friends to Animals




Everyone Needs Comfort Some Times

Kitten and Dog Friends Through Hard Times

I Hope This Catches On

The Buddy Bench

Save a Life and Feel Rewarded

Swedish blood donors get text messages when their blood saves a life

Hippo and Tortoise Youngsters Form Bond After Surviving Tsunami

Hippo and turtle become best friends after Tsunami

Free drycleaning for unemployed for job interview


man shields woman in wheelchair from rain

Deer, Dog and Cat all Friends


Chiune Sugihara issued unlawful travel visas to Jews to save 6000 lives

dog and cat friends walk together each day