Look for the Helpers



Mismatch Friends!

Coffee shop leaves leftover food on windowsill for homeless

do good in the world quote


Saving a Lamb During a Dust Storm

Rescuing a baby lamb during dust storm


dog sleeps with piglet to comfort her

Selling Produce in Aftermath of an Earthquake

Hope - man sells produce in aftermath of earthquake

A True 911 Hero

Real 911 Hero

Stranger Helping a Teen Tie a Tie at the Subway

stranger helping student tie a tie

A Bear and Wolf Form an Unlikely Friendship

lion and wolf are friends

Dog and Mouse Friends

dog and mouse friends

Well Behaved Kids Restaurant Discount

Real Life Fox & Hound Friendship

Real Life Fox and Hound Friendship

He Deserves More Than an Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio donated to Wildlife Conservation Campaigns, including WWF Tiger programs in Nepal, Elephant Crisis Fund

Thoughts and words quote


Doctors Dancing for Charity

kids shave heads to support friend with cancer

don't judge people quote

Crows Reward Girl Who Feeds Them for Years

Girl that feeds crows for years bring her gifts

None Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus quote


10 steps to happiness

No Need for War to Get Your Point Across

land dispute between Denmark and Canada handled comically

Syrian Refugee Gives Back by Offering Food to Germany’s Homeless

Syrian Refugee gives back to German homeless

Dog and orphaned squirrel are friends