Nepal Festival Thanking Dogs for Their Loyalty

Nepal festival thanking dogs for loyalty

Canadian Children Showcase the Art of Kindness


All Cities Should Have This


Dogs can be different and be friends.


Man saves fox, gains friend


Military Men Taught To Do Daughters Hair – Creates Bond After Absence at War

Military Men Given Lessons on how to do their daughters hair to bond

Even Sea Life Appreciate a Good Lounger


Prisoners and Homeless Dogs Helping Each Other Through Compassion

Humble and kind quote

Little Girl Saved by Dog from Rattlesnake

Faithful dog takes rattlesnake bite defending little girl

Man Teaches Homeless Woman to Read

dog love quote

Businesses Come Together to Help After Fort McMurray Fire

dogs on flights rescued from Fort McMurray Fires

Boston Pizza offering free food for Fort McMurray Earl's supports those from Fort McMurray fire

dogs rescued from fort mcmurray fire

Fort McMurray offerings Fort McMurray generosity

Bikers Change Lives of Abused Children


Kind Lawn Care Company Mows 93 Year Old Woman’s Lawn¬†Free!

Helping People Quote

Georgia Waiter Helps Customer with No Hands Eat

Orangutan Saves Baby Bird From Drowning

Reverse advent calendar for homeless