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Real Team Spirit

Football team supports opposing teams player with sick child

Helping Hands

117 Degree Weather Was Burning His Paws

military man carrying dog

Keeping Kittens Dry in the Rain

chicken keeps kittens warm

Taking a Friend

man drives motorcycle with dog dressed in people clothes

Dream Big!

John Boyega of the 2015 Star Wars Movie

John Boyega, Stars Wars, Dreams

War Makes for Interesting Friends

World War 2 Bear


Dogs can be different and be friends.


Man saves fox, gains friend


Military Men Taught To Do Daughters Hair – Creates Bond After Absence at War

Military Men Given Lessons on how to do their daughters hair to bond

Retired Military Members Make Sure Kids Get to School Safely in Chicago


Edmonton Restaurant Owners Offers Needy Free Food

Be Kind quote by Henry James

In Honour of Remembrance and Veteran’s Day

Lest We Forget! 




Help Raise Funds for Fort Hood’s ‘Hug Lady’ Who Welcomed Military Home Since 2003